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Sexual Intercourse with Child In Sydney 


Legal Support in Sydney for Cases Involving Sexual Intercourse with a Child: Invictus Legal's Expertise and Guidance

Sexual intercourse with a child is a grave offence, governed by stringent laws and severe penalties. Invictus Legal provides expert legal advice and representation in such sensitive cases. Our experienced lawyers understand the complexities of the legal system, including the specific acts and sections that deal with child sexual abuse. We are committed to upholding child protection laws while ensuring fair legal proceedings.

Begin your journey towards justice with Invictus Legal. Contact us at 0410 600 230 for unparalleled legal support and representation in handling your Sexual Intercourse with a child case.

Offences of Sexual Intercourse with Child

Child sexual abuse is not just a moral failing; it's a legal violation with serious consequences. The following list outlines various offences under this category:


  • Unlawful sexual contact with minors

  • Statutory rape

  • Indecent assault

  • Child exploitation

  • Possession and distribution of child pornography

3 Major Categories of Sexual Intercourse with Child and Their Penalties

The legal system categorises child sexual abuse into various degrees, each carrying its own set of penalties, these range from misdemeanours to felonies, depending on the severity of the offence. These charges and penalties include:

1. Sexual Intercourse with a Very Young Child (For example, below 12 years)

This category typically involves very young victims, often below the age of 12. These cases are viewed as particularly egregious due to the victim's young age and vulnerability.


Conviction in this category usually results in the most severe penalties, which can include life imprisonment or very long prison terms, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and other significant legal consequences.

2. Sexual Intercourse with a Young Teen (For example, ages 12 to 15)

This category covers cases where the child is in early adolescence, generally between the ages of 12 and 15. The law recognises the increased vulnerability of individuals in this age group compared to older teenagers.


Penalties for offences in this category are severe but may be less than for very young children. They can include long-term imprisonment, fines, mandatory counselling, and sex offender registration.

3. Sexual Intercourse with an Older Teen (For example, ages 16 to 17)

In this category, the victims are older teenagers, typically 16 or 17 years old. In some jurisdictions, this category can be particularly complex due to the proximity of these ages to the age of consent.


The penalties for this category can vary widely. They may be less severe than for younger age groups, particularly if the offender is close in age to the victim (often referred to as "Romeo and Juliet" laws). However, significant legal consequences, including imprisonment and registration as a sex offender, can still apply.

How to Defend Against Sexual Intercourse with Child Offence?

Defending against an accusation of sexual intercourse with a child is a complex and sensitive matter, requiring a nuanced legal approach. At Invictus Legal, we focus on a detailed analysis of the evidence, scrutinising the circumstances surrounding the allegations. Our defence strategy often involves challenging the validity of the evidence presented, exploring the possibility of consent in cases involving older teens (where applicable by law), and examining the credibility of witnesses. We also emphasise the importance of understanding the context and any potential mitigating factors. Our experienced legal team ensures that the rights of the accused are protected throughout the legal process, providing a robust defence while navigating the intricacies of this serious and delicate area of law. It’s crucial to act promptly and seek specialised legal advice to ensure the best possible outcome in such challenging situations.

Why Choose Invictus Legal

Invictus Legal stands out for its commitment to justice and expertise in handling sensitive cases like child sexual abuse. Our key benefits include:

  • Experienced Lawyers: Our lawyers are well-versed in child protection laws and legal defence strategies.

  • Comprehensive Support: We provide both legal and emotional support throughout the legal process.

  • Child Welfare Advocacy: We are committed to the safety and welfare of children.

  • Tailored Defense Strategies: Every case is unique, and we tailor our defence to fit your specific needs.

  • Community Resources: We connect clients with counselling and support services.

Invictus Legal stands as a pillar of legal expertise in Sydney, especially in the sensitive and complex realm of sexual touching cases.


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