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Drug Possession Lawyers


Drug Possession in Sydney: Expert Legal Guidance with Invictus Legal

Drug possession, under Section 10 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW), is a significant criminal offence in Sydney, potentially leading to 2 years imprisonment and/or a $2,200 fine. Prohibited drugs include substances like heroin, cocaine and amphetamines, and possession isn't limited to personal carry - it extends to substances found in places like your car. The penalties vary depending on the amount and intent, with trafficable quantities possibly implicating an intent to supply. Invictus Legal expertly navigates these complexities, ensuring your rights are protected and guiding you through the legal nuances of drug possession charges.

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Defences Against Drug Possession Charges

Several legal defences are available against a drug possession charge. These include:

  • Having a licence or authority under the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 to supply the drug.

  • Supplying the drug for purposes like scientific research, instruction or study, as authorised by the Department of Health.

  • Being a person to whom the drug is prescribed or caring for someone who is.

  • Possessing the drug solely for administering to a person it was lawfully prescribed or supplied to.

Invictus Legal thoroughly assesses each case to determine the most applicable defence strategy.

Understanding Penalties for Drug Possession in NSW

The consequences of drug possession in NSW can be severe, including

  • Maximum Penalty: 20 penalty units and/or 2 years imprisonment.

  • Common Outcomes:
    1. Fine (with criminal conviction): 58.6%
    2. Conditional release order without criminal conviction: 18%
    3. Section 10A order (conviction with no further penalty): 6.6%
    4. Community correction order: 6.5%
    5. Section 10(1)(a) dismissal (no criminal conviction): 5.7%
    6. Conditional release order with criminal conviction: 3%
    7. Prison: 1%
    8. Intensive correction order: 0.6%

Why Choose Invictus Legal for Drug Possession Cases?

Selecting Invictus Legal for your defence in drug possession cases offers numerous advantages:

  • Expert Knowledge: In-depth understanding of NSW drug laws.

  • Personalised Approach: Tailored defence strategies for each client.

  • Proven Track Record: History of successful outcomes in similar cases.

  • Client-Centric Service: Dedication to protecting your rights and interests.

  • Comprehensive Support: Guidance through every stage of the legal process.

  • Accessibility: Readily accessible and responsive to client needs.

With Invictus Legal, you gain a partner committed to achieving the best possible outcome in your drug possession case.

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