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Larceny By Servant Or Clerk

Larceny By Servant Or Clerk: Navigating Employee Theft with Invictus Legal's Expertise

Larceny by servant or clerk, as defined under CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 156, is a serious offence involving an employee's theft or misappropriation of an employer's property. At Invictus Legal, we specialise in providing robust legal solutions and defence strategies for businesses grappling with such challenging situations. Our expert team offers comprehensive legal support, from identifying the breach of trust to navigating complex legal proceedings.

For the masterful resolution of Larceny By Servant Or Clerk cases, turn to Invictus Legal at 0410 600 230 – Your guide to just solutions.

Offences of Larceny By Servant Or Clerk


Larceny by servant or clerk encompasses a range of offences, each requiring a nuanced legal approach.

  • Unauthorised Use of Company Assets: This involves employees using company resources for personal gain. We meticulously investigate such cases to safeguard your interests.

  • Embezzlement: Often involving financial misconduct, embezzlement requires a detailed examination of financial records, which our team expertly handles.

  • Breach of Trust and Fiduciary Theft: This occurs when employees in positions of trust abuse their roles, a complex area where our expertise is particularly beneficial.


Penalties for Larceny By Servant Or Clerk

The penalties for larceny by a servant or clerk are significant, reflecting the seriousness of the offence.

  • Imprisonment: The most severe penalty is imprisonment for up to 10 years, underscoring the gravity of the crime.

  • Financial Penalties: In addition to or instead of imprisonment, offenders may face substantial fines.

  • Reputational Damage: Beyond legal penalties, individuals may suffer severe damage to their professional reputation.

The Defence for Larceny By Servant Or Clerk

In defending against allegations of larceny by a servant or clerk, Invictus Legal employs a meticulous approach. We scrutinise every detail, from the appropriation of funds to the alleged breach of trust. Our strategies include challenging the evidence, demonstrating a lack of intent, and highlighting procedural errors, always aiming to protect our client's rights and reputation.

Why Choose Invictus Legal


Choosing Invictus Legal for your legal defence offers several advantages.

  • Expertise in Employee Theft: Our in-depth knowledge of cases involving occupational fraud and embezzlement makes us a valuable ally.

  • Customised Legal Strategies: We tailor our approach to each case, ensuring the most effective defence.

  • Proactive Investigation: Our team proactively investigates, gathering crucial evidence to support your case.

  • Commitment to Client Interests: We prioritise your interests, aiming to minimise both legal and reputational impacts.

  • Comprehensive Legal Support: From the initial consultation to courtroom representation, we offer complete legal support.

By integrating our expertise with a commitment to your needs, Invictus Legal stands as your steadfast defender in cases of larceny by a servant or clerk.




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