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Drug Manufacture Lawyers


Drug Manufacture Lawyers Sydney: Expertise from Invictus Legal

In Sydney, drug manufacturing is a serious criminal offence under section 24(1) of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act, 1985 (NSW). It includes not only the production of prohibited substances but also involvement in any part of the manufacturing process. This can range from financing to actual production. The law requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt of both the manufacturing activity and the nature of the substance as prohibited. With increasing instances of makeshift drug labs, penalties have become more stringent, significantly influenced by the quantity of drugs produced.

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Penalties for Drug Manufacturing in Sydney
In Sydney, the consequences of drug manufacturing vary significantly based on the quantity of drugs involved and the specifics of the case. The penalties range from fines and imprisonment to more severe punishments in cases involving large quantities or the exposure of children to the manufacturing process. Here are the detailed penalties:

Small Quantities:

  • If tried in Local Court: Up to 2 years imprisonment and/or a $5,500 fine.

  • If tried in District Court: Up to 15 years imprisonment and/or a $220,000 fine.

  • If a child is exposed in the process: Up to 18 years imprisonment and/or a $264,000 fine.

Intermediate Quantities (More than Small but Less than Commercial):

  • If tried in Local Court: Up to 2 years imprisonment and/or an $11,000 fine.

  • Penalties in District Court remain the same as for small quantities.

Commercial Quantities:

  • Cannot be handled in Local Court.

  • If tried in District Court: Up to 20 years imprisonment and/or a $385,000 fine.

  • If a child is exposed: Up to 25 years imprisonment and/or a $462,000 fine

Large Commercial Quantities:

  • Cannot be handled in Local Court.

  • In District Court: Life imprisonment and/or a $550,000 fine.

  • If a child is exposed: Life imprisonment and/or a $660,000 fine

Defences Against Drug Manufacture Charges

Facing drug manufacture charges can be daunting, but several defences can be employed depending on the specifics of the case. These defences can significantly impact the outcome, offering avenues for acquittal or reduced sentences. The common defences include:

  • Preparatory Steps Only: Involvement is limited to obtaining or transporting ingredients/implements for drug manufacturing.

  • Necessity or Duress: Actions taken under compulsion or to prevent greater harm.

  • Transportation of Equipment: Merely loading and transporting drug manufacturing equipment.

  • Use of Non-Prohibited Substances: Attempting to manufacture drugs with substances that cannot produce a prohibited drug.

  • Possession Without Manufacturing Intent: Having substances or materials capable of making a prohibited drug without being part of a planned manufacturing process.

  • Child Safety: If a child is exposed, proving that the child's health or safety was not endangered can be a defence.

Why Choose Invictus Legal for Your Drug Manufacturing Case in Sydney

Invictus Legal stands out in Sydney for its experienced and dedicated approach to drug manufacturing cases. Here are the benefits of choosing us:

  • Expert Knowledge: Deep understanding of NSW's drug manufacturing laws.

  • Tailored Defence: Crafting defences that align with individual circumstances.

  • Comprehensive Support: Guiding clients through each legal step with empathy and clarity.

  • Track Record of Success: Proven success in handling complex drug manufacturing cases.

  • Client-Centric Approach: Prioritising the client's needs and well-being throughout the legal process.

  • Clear Communication: Ensuring clients are informed and confident about their defence strategy.


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