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Predatory Driving

Predatory Driving Charges In Sydney - Expert Legal Guidance at Invictus Legal


Predatory driving, a serious traffic offence in Sydney, involves pursuing or closely following another vehicle, often resulting in a collision or posing a significant threat of collision. The act must be intentional and aimed at causing actual bodily harm to someone in the other vehicle. This harm is more than minor, including significant injuries or psychological impact. Understanding the nuances of predatory driving charges is crucial, especially in Sydney's legal context.

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How to Plead if Guilty


If you're considering a guilty plea for predatory driving charges, it's essential to understand the benefits and implications. An early guilty plea can lead to a more lenient sentence, reflecting your acceptance of responsibility. However, it's crucial to consult with an experienced traffic lawyer before deciding, as there may be avenues to contest the charges.

  • Early Plea Advantages: Pleading guilty early can result in a sentence reduction.

  • Legal Consultation: Always speak with a traffic lawyer before pleading.

  • Potential Penalties: Penalties range from fines to a maximum of five years imprisonment, depending on the case severity.

  • Magistrate's Discretion: The court considers various factors like collision severity, injuries caused and your background.

  • Effective Legal Representation: Expert lawyers can present mitigating factors, advocating for a lenient sentence.

  • Potential Outcomes: Outcomes can include non-conviction orders, keeping your licence, or various correction orders.

How to Plead if Not Guilty


If you're asserting innocence against predatory driving charges, consider challenging the prosecution's evidence. The charges can be contested by disproving the essential elements of predatory driving, like the intention to cause harm or the circumstances of the driving incident.

  • Challenging Prosecution: Disprove essential elements of predatory driving.

  • Legal Representation: Experienced lawyers can scrutinise and challenge the prosecution's case.

  • Avoiding Court: Identifying issues early may lead to charges being dropped.

  • Evidence Presentation: Show that the behaviour was accidental or unintended.

  • Exploring Defences: Consider defences like duress or necessity.

  • Court Representation: Skilled advocates can effectively defend your innocence in court.

Why Select Invictus Legal For Predatory Driving Case

Choosing Invictus Legal for your predatory driving case in Sydney means partnering with a team of dedicated and experienced lawyers. Our firm specialises in criminal and traffic law, providing tailored strategies and robust representation.

  • Specialised Expertise: Profound knowledge of criminal and traffic law.

  • Personalised Approach: Tailored strategies to suit your unique case.

  • Proven Track Record: History of successful outcomes in similar cases.

  • Client-Centric Service: Prioritising your needs and legal goals.

  • Strategic Defence: Innovative and effective defence tactics.

  • Comprehensive Support: Guiding you through every legal step.




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