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Habitual Offender Declaration

Sydney Traffic Lawyers For Habitual Offender Declaration: Your Guide with Invictus Legal


A Habitual Offender Declaration is a significant legal designation in Sydney's traffic law landscape. It's assigned to individuals with repeated traffic law violations, leading to severe consequences like extended licence disqualification. Understanding its impact is crucial, as it profoundly affects one's mobility and freedom on the road.

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How to Apply for Removal of Licence Disqualification in Sydney


In Sydney, applying for the removal of a licence disqualification due to a Habitual Offender Declaration is a legal process governed by specific provisions in the Road Transport Act 2013. Section 220 of this act empowers Sydney courts to rescind such declarations if they are judged to be excessively punitive in light of the person's entire driving history and the unique circumstances of their case. This process became more accessible after October 28, 2017, when new laws were enacted to aid habitual offenders in Sydney. 

To be eligible, applicants must have avoided committing any traffic offences for a minimum of two years, excluding parking fines. The application process is straightforward but requires meticulous preparation:

  • File a Formal Application: Apply to Section 221B of the Road Transport Act 2013 at a local NSW court.

  • Include Necessary Documentation: Attach an up-to-date driving record and details of any pending driving offences.

  • Await Court Date Allocation: Upon filing, a court date will be scheduled for the hearing.


This procedure offers a second chance for those who have demonstrated a commitment to lawful driving after their previous offences.

Criteria for Ineligibility for Licence Disqualification Removal in Sydney


Not everyone is eligible to apply for the removal of licence disqualifications in Sydney. The law sets out specific criteria that automatically disqualify certain individuals based on the severity of their past offences involving a motor vehicle. These ineligibility factors are crucial in maintaining public safety and ensuring that only those deserving of reconsideration are considered. The offences that render a person ineligible include:

  • Crimes Act Offences: Involving death, grievous bodily harm or wounding by the use of a motor vehicle.

  • Predatory Driving: Engaging in aggressive and dangerous driving behaviour.

  • Police Pursuit (Skye’s Law): Evading police in a motor vehicle.

  • Negligent Driving: Causing death or grievous bodily harm through negligent driving.

  • Intentional Menacing Driving: Deliberately using a vehicle to intimidate or menace others.

  • Failing to Assist: Not providing help after being involved in a collision.

These criteria ensure that the privilege of licence reinstatement is reserved for those who have shown a genuine change in their driving behaviour.

Factors Considered by the Court in Sydney


When a Sydney court deliberates on the removal of licence disqualifications, the magistrate's decision is influenced by a range of factors aimed at assessing the applicant's suitability for reinstatement. The objective is to balance legal compliance with individual circumstances and public safety. During the court hearing, the magistrate will consider:

  • Public Safety: The foremost consideration, ensuring that the decision does not compromise road safety.

  • Applicant’s Driving Record: An evaluation of the individual's complete driving history.

  • Behaviour During Offense-Free Period: Whether the applicant refrained from driving or being in a position to drive post-disqualification.

  • Conduct Post-Disqualification: General behaviour and compliance with the law after disqualification.

  • Nature of Original Offences: The seriousness and circumstances of the offences leading to disqualification.

  • Impact of Disqualifications: How the loss of driving privileges has affected the applicant's employment, educational pursuits, responsibilities as a carer or family member, health and financial status.

These considerations ensure that each case is judged fairly, taking into account both the legal parameters and the individual's specific situation.

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